I’ve updated the 3D model to include a lid to make an enclosure. The enclosure now will house the electronics and a rotary encoder. I’ve written the code based on Paul Stoffregen code. Which is below however when I’ve time this will be integrated into the Spinmatic code.

I’ve already developed Caffenol with the Spinmatic and Rodinal too (my favorite of all film developers).

The new 3D model parts are now available on Thingiverse -https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2857145

Spinmatic Thingiverse

Spinmatic Thingiverse

Rotary Encoder

A small video with a prototype version of the enclosure.

UPDATE: 15 Sept 2018 I’ve now added a rotary encoder and the time of development can be set on startup. The new code can be found here : https://github.com/glyons/spinmatic

Adding a rotary encoder

Even more improvements

I’ve add a surround to the servo so that the bottom part of the Spinmatic can be filled with a weight. The parts height has also being increased too.

I hope to find a suitable weight such as metal ball bearings. Once the part is filled a sealant such as wax or some kind of glue should keep the weight together.


Check out the video from Seven Sam who printed out this project.



Hello, currently sourcing the parts to build your Spinmatic. Was wondering if you have an updated wiring diagram with the addition of the rotary encoder. Thanks.

Hi, Yes, I must create a new diagram. However it’s really easy if you look at the new code the pins to wire the encoder are in there. When I get a chance I’ll update the page again. Thank you for your comment, it is always encouraging. Gavin

my wemos do not work at least I can not send the code in …
As I stock several arduino nano I did a much simpler “semi automatic” because the timer is me (on / off with a switch): D


I think if you disconnect the servo it should upload. So great you printed the project! Merveilleux! I must do another video on the update and using the new code. Because with the rotary encoder if makes development more flexible.

I wanted to propose you to stick magnets on the 3D printing and also on the tank AP-compact like that it is maintained all alone;) (recess of the powerful magnets)

yes i am waiting for the rotary encoder and i am trying to understand why arduino ide do not want to see my wemos. (there was nothing to plug in)

I am waiting to see your new code: D

here is a counter almost at the point: D
I’m going to place it on GitHub, but you have enough memory on the arduino …, but you could have inspired 🙂

Hi Seven Sam, This looks interesting, however I think the slot in the spindle in the version I made might be better than attaching directly to the servo motor. Maybe a hybrid of the two design might prove to be interesting.

Please send me the link to the GitHub repo.

Thanks, Gavin

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