Learn How To Build Guitar Amps

As I’m building a wee pocket portable guitar amp for my son Jesse, I started researching for ideas and designs. Of course Instructables is a great place to start.

All Guitar Amps need a high gain preamp to bring the signal up to line level. So a FET or an OP-Amp is usually used for this purpose. Especially in the Ruby Amp

This is where I found the Portable Ruby Amp


The Ruby Amp and its variants can be found on this page along with formulas and reasons why certain componets are used. https://www.electrosmash.com/1wamp


Recorder Box for Kids

This is a small circuit which runs off a 9V battery that can record a sound via its on board microphone and playback it back. That simple. It’s just fun for kids.

It’s based on the ISD 1820 chip. The board and kit can be purchase for a couple of euros.

Also made this small project for my younger son Jake


Da Vinci – Video Editing

I’m hoping to improve my YouTube video creation since I started using DaVinci.

Here are few tutorials on scribble effect / animation tutorial (Justin Bieber / Bruno Mars style and scribble on video in DaVinci & Fusion

Midi Controllers and DaVinci / Lightroom / Capture One

I started building the box for a Midi Controller with buttons and rotary encoders. I’ll use a Teensy 3.2

So hence a bunch of link on the subject below

High Powered LED for Photography

I’ve already received the LED for building an upgrade for my enlarger however I’m awaiting on so FET to arrived. Once they arrive I’ll experiment a bit with them. I guess I need to figure out away to cool the wee LED with a piece of Aluminium.

Cloud Stuff

I’m keeping an eye on new technology and possibly especially in the cloud realm.OpenShift Online is Red Hat’s public cloud application deployment and hosting platform. Get on-demand access to OpenShift to build, deploy and manage scalable containerized applications, operated and supported by Red Hat.OpenFaaS on OpenShift


What I’m missing is good punk that reflects the angry and feeling of the people. So what more to say then music for Brexit!Sleaford Mods

Random Stuff

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April 6, 2019

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