The great thing about ESP8266 board are they are easy to get up and running quite quickly. It was the weekend again the weather was beautiful so I decided between times going out and chilling out I’d put together the e-Paper Waveshare board I had brought a few weeks ago on Amazon.

OM1 with Ilford film
OM1 with Ilford film and a coffee!

For heavens stake the Eurovision was on this weekend so what better reason to not watch TV. Sometimes I’m such a hater, but creativity trumps mediocrity.  I wanted to shoot film so I can finally try out by Spinmatic

Anyway back to the topic at hand…

I’m using a WeMos board and 1.54″ e-Paper Board from Waveshare (GxGDEW0154Z17 for 1.54″ 3-color 152×152 display –e-Paper Documentation). But you can certainly use an Arduino board, Node board, anything that supports SPI interface.

Setup the Arduino Software for ESP8266/WeMOS board

Arduino Preferences for ESP8266/WeMOS
Arduino Preferences for ESP8266/WeMOS

Use the following URL in the additional board Manger Urls.

Next, under Tools menu open the Board Manager and search for ‘wemos’, install the board extension

Board Maanger - ESP8266
Board Maanger – ESP8266
Select WeMOS board
Select WeMos board


Wiring the WeMOS and the ePaper display together

  • BUSY -> D2, RST -> D4, DC -> D3, CS -> D8, CLK -> D5, DIN -> D7, GND -> GND, 3.3V -> 3.3V


Download the libraries in ZIP format from and

From the Sketch Menu choose Include Libraries and Add the ZIP that’s download. Do this for both.

Now you’re ready to compile and deploy the code to the ESP board.

YouTube Statistics ReadOut Example

YouTube Statistics on e-Paper 1.54"
YouTube Statistics on e-Paper 1.54″

My code is based on Hamed Taha but modified for the smaller display 1.54″

Waveshare Demo Example for the Black and Red 1.54″ ePaper Display



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Whenever I connect my Wemos D1 ( clone and original ) with my Waveshare epaper display as described, I am unable to connect to the d1 via USB to upload code.
I’ve tried this with the 2 ESPs mentioned above and two epaper displays. Do you have any clue how I can fix that?

Hi. Same problem here as described by Hans on 17/01: cannot upload when display is connecteded. Uploading with the display disconnected as suggested by Gavin works but connecting the display thereafter stops serial output from the D1 and nothing on the display. Regards, Hans (not the one from the post above).

Hi HansNL,

Strange, Is your Arduino setup to the right board – WeMOS? if I get a chance over the weekend I’ll try my board again.

Hi Gavin. The only difference is I use IDE 1.8.7 but this can i.m.o. not be the cause of the problem. I don’t even think it is software related because uploading the Blink demo shows the same problem when the display is connected. There is no version number printed on the display PCB so we cannot check of it differs from eachother. I have ordered some NodeMCU ESP8266 boards from China and will try to upload the same sketch when they arrive.

Hi Hans,
You could try flashing the firmware of the WeMOS. Admittedly I haven’t try this myself. This morning I wrote code for a temperature sensor DHT22 and YouTube counter combined with the same ePaper display. It work flawlessly without disconnecting either. I’ll have look if I can find the firmware of the board later today.

Thanks again Gavin. Just saw flashing is rather complex so I will skip this step and try the NodeMCU when it is here. BTW: Nice photos!

Hey, guys.

i have exactly the same problem. any new ideas what the problem is?
when i dosconnect D8. i can flash the wemos d1 mini. but no boot or anything after i reconnect the display.

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